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What We Do

Data Security

The most important area of the IT asset disposition process is data security. We can confidently state that we have never experienced a data breach since our inception, and attribute this to our industry leading processes and standards for data destruction and sanitization.

Our facility is fully equipped with 24-hour/third-party security monitoring, key-card access entry systems and required employee identification for all staff. Closed-circuit surveillance cameras monitor each facility at all times and footage is kept on record for a minimum of 90 days.

All our team members are subject to criminal and employment background checks and drug screening prior to employment.


Data Sanitization

If we are informed that wiping hard drives for reuse is permissible, we utilize  proprietary wiping software to ensure complete data eradication. We can customize our sanitization processes to meet any of the procedures required by our customers, and/or create custom overwriting patterns if necessary. Every track, sector and cylinder of the hard disk is overwritten with predefined pattern or random data. Hence, all the existing data in the hard disk, including the operating system are destroyed, making data recovery impossible. All in Metal ensures quality assurance on hard drives post wipe, through the utilization of software to verify all data has been properly erased on all hard drives sanitized.

Data Destruction

Incoming IT assets containing data bearing devices (e.g. hard drives, data tapes, floppy disks, etc.) are identified in the receiving, sorting and tear down process. Our Asset Processing Team is trained to check for all data storage media within all material received. All data storage devices determined to be non-functional or designated as “non-reuse”, are destroyed through our in-house shredding process.

In order to adhere to higher chain of custody standards, Data Destruction (Shredding) & Sanitization services are also available to be performed with the customer’s audit.