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IT Asset Remarketing

Optimizing Value Throughout the Lifecycle of IT and Electronic Assets

At GEM Southwest, LLC we provide market intelligence on your electronic equipment to provide optimum value back to you. Prior to resale, we make sure that all equipment is inventoried, has its data wiped, is fully tested, and gets repackaged for sale.

Equipment Market analysis – equipment is categorized into the following groups.

  • Data compliance
  • Logistics process
  • Resale, repair then resell, e-waste
  • Market valuation

At GEM Southwest, LLC our expert team can take care of any one of your needs. Our technical and logistical capabilities can relocate data centers and IT equipment of any size and scale. At GEM Southwest, LLC are fully equipped and staffed to meet any data center logistics and transfer services from beginning to end.


At GEM Southwest, our experts can take care of any one of your needs

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