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Full-Service IT Asset Management

Recycling e-waste reduces the waste of valuable raw materials. Recycling electronic waste could greatly reduce the need to constantly mine new materials for the creation of the latest devices.

Gem Lifecycle takes a holistic approach to IT Asset Management and Disposition – and by starting long before devices are ready for retirement – we do more than just resell and recycle outdated IT devices.

We can predictively and extemporaneously analyze the entire lifecycle value of each device to determine when and how to most cost-effectively and responsibly reuse, redeploy, resell, or recycle a device and its individual components – with absolutely nothing going to the landfill.

And when we say, “each device,” we actually mean, “each and every device… and all its components.” From a datacenter filled with racks and drives, to a single laptop, to an individual chip, to the aluminum casing and copper wiring.

We ensure three things.

  1. That all data is handled and secured to the highest industry standards.
  2. That all our clients receive maximum value.
  3. That everything leaves our facilities ready to continue providing value.

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