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Data Destruction

Protect your Business with our Data Destruction Services

We know that it might be tempting for you to just throw out old hard drives, erase them, or just stockpil them in storage, but if confidntial data were to get in the wrong hands, it could be catastrophic for your business as it poses a huge risk. 

Our Asset Processing Team: Our team at GEM Southwest are trained to check for all data storage media within all material received. All data storage devices determined to be non-functional or designated as “non-reuse”, are destroyed through our in-house shredding process.

Incoming IT assets containing data bearing devices (e.g. hard drives, data tapes, floppy disks, etc.) are identified in the receiving, sorting and tear down process. 

In order to adhere to higher chain of custody standards, Data Destruction (Shredding) & Sanitization services are also available to be performed with customer’s audit.


All confidential customer materials and media will be processed for sanitization or destruction within 30 days from the date of receipt, as per NAID AAA standards.

Do you need full data Destruction services?

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